Competitive Robotics at the University of Colorado Boulder

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What is CU Robotics?

CU Robotics is a competitive robotics team at CU Boulder participating in the annual Robomaster robotics competition. Our mission is to enable students to design, build, program, and compete with real industrial-grade robots. We are open to all students at CU Boulder; Anyone can join, no experience required!


We meet weekly on Tuesdays (4:00-6:00pm) and Fridays (5:15-7:00pm) in the CU Idea Forge. If you’re interested in joining the team, come to one of our meetings! See our team calendar for details and additional CU Robotics meetings and events.
Team Calendar:

Robomaster Explained

The DJI Robomaster Competition is an annual collegiate robotics competition in which over 400 universities from around the world build a fleet of robots to compete in head-to-head battles. Robomaster is formatted like a MOBA video game: one team against the other. Most of the robots in a team's fleet are controlled by human drivers via a first-person camera mounted on each robot. Each robot has a purpose, ranging from fast attack units that can shred enemies to utility bots that provide buffs and ammo to the rest of the fleet. The robots fight by firing projectiles of various sizes at pressure-sensitive armor plates that are mounted on enemy robots, which can detect the size of impacts and calculate damage taken. When a robot loses all it's health, it "dies" by turning off. Robomaster is unique in that it enables robots to fight without permanent damage; Without the risk of destruction, teams can build more complex robots with multiple functions and varied strategies.
The competition also presents difficult programming and AI challenges. One of the robots, the Sentry, is a required to be completely autonomous and is the main line of defense protecting the base. Designing fast and accurate computer vision software is vital for a good Sentry robot and the key to success in Robomaster.
Below are the classes of robots in Robomaster:
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